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As a child, I grew up in Northern MN.  Even though my family lived at the poverty level, my mother instilled in me that if you work hard and have a plan, you can reach your goals.  I have a double major in chemistry and biology from the College of St. Scholastica. I worked my way through college and graduated in 4 years. While in Duluth,  I worked for several years for the US-EPA. Then I went on to work for the University of MN as an assistant scientist in cytogenetic research of the chromosomal defects in the white blood cells of patients with leukemia and lymphoma.

Later, after starting my family and purchasing a home in Maplewood, I went to Hamline Law School and graduated in 3 years. When I started law school, my youngest son was only 6 months old. My first position after law school was working for the Target Corporation in their Property Development Department. After 8 1/2 years with Target, I struck out on my own and put out my “shingle.” Today, I am a neighborhood attorney in the Gladstone area of Maplewood, serving low to middle income people.

I began my interest in Maplewood politics when I was appointed to the Maplewood Community Design Review Board.  I was the chair for several years before I ran for Mayor in 2005.  I was elected the first woman mayor to Maplewood.  Being the first woman mayor wasn’t easy.  As I’m sure you are aware, women are often held to a different set of rules than the rules followed by the “Old Boys’ Club.” However, I so enjoyed serving as mayor, working with the citizens and giving them voice that, after being encouraged by many, I decided to run and serve once more.

I am married, have two adult sons (who both achieved the rank of Eagle Scout) a homeowner and a Maplewood business owner.  Maplewood is my home!

In addition to being a mother, attorney and community leader, I have been the host and editor of the weekly cable cast program “Off the Record News” for the past 10 years.   I am also the host and editor of the monthly cable cast program, ”Washington at Work” which will be in it’s 4th year. These programs are cable cast through out Ramsey, Washington and Dakota County.  They are also posted on YouTube. Working with a variety of guests and topics has given me the broad experience necessary to be an effective, thoughtful and well informed mayor for the people of Maplewood.  You will find links to a few of the programs below or listed as a post to my blog.

Patriot Act – Free Speech Criminalized – with Susan Lindauer

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